Any Questions?

Can you repaint Formica tops?

Formica tops can be repainted. This is a speciality process which we will arrange having done through a specialist applicator.

How long does the process take?

We firstly provide a FREE in house consultation and quote. Once quote accepted generally we allow 10-12 working days.

Do you have a warranty?

You are covered under the Consumer Guarantee Act. Better than that though ‘We stand by our work’. If there is an issue, or breakdown in materials or workmanship (Other than normal wear and tear) we will fix it! Guaranteed!

What colours do you have?

Any colour is possible.  You can have any standard colour you like off any colour chart. If you have anything different, or a specific colour, tone, gloss level, texture you may want, we can work with you and make it happen.

What is the return policy?

Painted finishes are practicable and robust. They will take daily knocks and stay looking great for years and years. However any paintwork will chip with a decent knock, we do supply a touch up kit for such times. Damage to a specific door or panel can always be repaired and repainted to a perfect match.

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