As informed customers, we know to look for the hallmarks of sustainability as well as for locally sourced and produced. In turn, manufacturers and merchandisers are aware that potential customers seek green credentials. This is all good news for planet Earth, but consumers do need to differentiate between businesses simply making a virtue-signalling token gesture for a competitive marketing edge, and those who really walk the talk.
Sustainability, shop local, carbon footprint, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, think globally act locally. These concepts have gradually imprinted on our minds and our consciences, gaining real traction politically and personally since the significant and high profile “Save Manapouri” environmental campaign began in 1959.
Celebrating 30 years in business, MF Turnbull has earned its place as an iconic Christchurch business. Experts in paint, stain, polyurethane and polished finishes on furniture and joinery, there is very little in the home that Monique and Murray Turnbull and their team cannot regenerate.
Sustainability has grown in popularity as a business buzzword in recent times, but Christchurch surface and kitchen renewal wizards MF Turnbull have been living reuse, repair and recycle ethos for more than three decades.
Why replace when you can reuse, recycle or restore? That approach is as true with kitchens and furniture as it is with other more obvious elements of our throwaway and acquisitive society.

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