October 4, 2023

Better than new

Sustainability has grown in popularity as a business buzzword in recent times, but Christchurch surface and kitchen renewal wizards MF Turnbull have been living reuse, repair and recycle ethos for more than three decades.

Experts in paint, stain, polyurethane and polished finishes on furniture and joinery, there is very little in the home that Monique and Murray Turnbull and their team cannot regenerate.

And because they were doing it before it was fashionable, they are ahead of the design curve – serving up stylish projects which makeover any home.

“We’ve always been a cost-effective option for making fittings and furniture new again, but now more and more people are also considering how to get what they want with less impact on the environment,” says Monique.

The longstanding company has been working to further enhance its green credentials, working with suppliers to start phasing out solvent-based products in favour of waterborne applications.

“By changing the colour, you get to reuse and so reduce waste going to landfill and energy used in manufacturing new,” she says.

“We find that many kitchens are already well laid out and some are kitchens by name designers. These often only need minor alterations such as changing a cupboard to drawers, removing or replacing cupboards over fridge, microwave areas or oven surrounds.”

Murray says business has surged since lockdown, as many people considered what improvement they’d like to make in their homes after spending so much time there.

“We can recolour any type of surface that manufacturers can make. Even doors where the plastic coating is breaking down, we can remove the coating and apply the colour you want to the underlying substrate.

“A refinish is also an easy way to refresh the kitchen if you are looking to sell, or if you have just moved in and are looking to make your new home feel like you.”

The team of 22, which now operates across three Christchurch sites, also rejuvenates bedroom and dining furniture, doors, wardrobe doors, anything in your house that might be spray painted.

They can also do French polishing of antiques and the modern equivalent – staining and clears in polyurethane.

The store at 46 Mowbray Street, Waltham is open 7:30am to 4pm weekdays with easy parking at the front door.

Or, send your enquiry with photos through the website or to and they can give you an estimate or call them to discuss.


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