October 10, 2023

Time for a change

Sustainability, shop local, carbon footprint, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, think globally act locally. These concepts have gradually imprinted on our minds and our consciences, gaining real traction politically and personally since the significant and high profile “Save Manapouri” environmental campaign began in 1959.

Active environmental awakening of city folk progressed from the compost bin in the back yard, to separating rubbish from the recycling, low emission wood burners or none at all, abandoning single use plastic bags, to arrive at the urgency of Climate Change, and wondering when and how we might trade up to an electric vehicle.

M.F. Turnbull have always been early adopters of sustainable living, promoting the refresh of kitchen, laundry, and bathroom cabinetry and the rejuvenation of furniture with its stunning resurfacing solutions. A no-brainer: you save money and get a fantastic result, no materials and energy are used in creating new cabinetry, and our local landfill doesn’t have to accommodate a cast-off kitchen or bathroom. Plus, never underestimate the satisfaction of having done something good for the planet.

Monique and husband Murray’s sustainability ethos extends to their business model too, adopting an approach of continual learning and a complete career for staff who are interested. Since their beginnings in the late 80s, they have grown to a team of 22, many of whom completed apprenticeships at Turnbull’s, and they currently have three trainees who are working towards a formal qualification.

Almost three years ago, the company further enhanced its green credentials, working with suppliers to start phasing out solvent based products in favour of waterborne applications. “It’s so much better for the environment, and for our operations team,” says Director Monique Turnbull.

The team can strip back surfaces but it is not usually necessary. “We can recolour any type of kitchen surface that manufacturers can make. Even doors where the plastic coating is breaking down, we can remove the coating and apply the colour you want to the underlying substrate.”

Resurfacing old furniture is a favourite – a client will bring in an unusual piece, it might have lovely proportions and be beautifully made but the appearance no longer suits. Refinished in a bright colour it can be a real showstopper, or it could go out the door and start a whole new life with a shabby chic-style distressed finish. The process is easy. Just send photos through the website or to to get an estimate, a home visit and quote can be done when you are ready.


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